• Ready to Teach Elementary Students?

    Come join our team and make a difference. We are one of highest performing and most affordable Christians private schools in San Antonio.. Read More
  • Low Teacher to Student Ratio

    Many education policy advocates, including the Center for Public Education, overwhelmingly indicate that a low student-to-teacher ratio can increase student achievement, enhance a child's test scores and provide lasting academic benefits. Read More
  • Keep Your Children Safe

    Providing a safe environment for our children to learn is of the most importance. Ask an everyday public school student how often there is a fight in their school and they will tell you at least one to two everyday. Ask one of our students and the answer is slim to none. Read More
  • Affordable Quality Education

    We provide a quality, affordable Christian education that equips students to extend the kingdom of God.. We are one of the most affordable Christians private schools in San Antonio. Read More
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New Life Christian Academy

New Life Christian Academy provides both academic and Christian training to all students, elementary, middle, and high school. We believe in putting God first in all that we do, so every morning, we set aside time for devotion and training from the Word of God. Although the remainder of the day is devoted to academic training, the environment is always one of Christian love. We believe that we are called to raise and prepare the next generation for the purpose which God has made them. Our goal is to see that each student reaches his or her maximum potential. Our school provides a wide variety of curricula for students.

Supporting the same Christian and Academic values, with a continued commitment to individualized learning, New Life Christian Online School is available for students of grades 3 through 12th. Don’t wait! Sign up now and join the New Life family!

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